Saturday 14 February 2009

Lauren Conrad dedicates a dress to Harlow ..

Some of you may recall that not too long ago, Lauren Conrad posted an open blog from her myspace page asking girls to leave their names, as she was looking for nice, original names to name her items in her new collection.

So i was suprised to see she has named a maxi dress .. Harlow!

I do think it is very Nicole Richie, summer clothing inspired.

I have always thought Lauren Conrad was quite a fan of Nicole Richie, as alot of style choices Lauren Conrad opt's for are very 'Nicole Richie' ..

I am a fan of Lauren, i love her in the Hills!

But sometimes i think i may like her style because she draws from some of Nicole Richie's ideas.

To see Lauren Conrad's full collection Click here!!


Anonymous said...

this doesn't surprise me, since nicole and lauren are really great friends. however that is so cute and sweet that lauren did that. it really is.

Anonymous said...

yreah i was about to say that too there good friends, she was at the baby shower and theyve been seen out and about having lunch together a few times too

Anonymous said...

i don't think they are good friends, i think lauren tries to squeeze into nicoles life so she can stay in the limelight more. See by naming a dress "harlow" she will be mentioned on nicole richie fansites by association. None of the hills girls have any realy talent, including Lauren Conrad but i DO agree that she has good style because it is totally "nicole richie" lol


I agree Gordan. We have the exact same view on it!