Wednesday 31 December 2008

What a difference two years makes ..

Not so long ago it was rumoured that Nicole Richie had an Eating Disorder and although Nicole Richie stongly denied the claim the media just would not stop talking about it!

Whilst on the Tyra Banks show back in 2006 Nicole Richie stated "I definitely wouldn't mind gaining a few more pounds at all. I think that people's weight fluctuates. It happens. It happens to everybody."

She also blames her thin appearance on stress – "A lot of people gain weight under stress and a lot of people lose weight under stress and I am one of those people that loses weight," she says.

And her body type: "I am naturally a thin person and I am 5'1" and putting on five or 10 pounds, that looks like a lot on me." Another factor: misleading paparazzi photos. "I know that the photographers that follow me every day, they are looking for some sort of – something wrong, a picture with a bone sticking out," she says. "You bend a certain way, they get the shot."

One photographer made her cry recently, she says, by making vulgar comments implying she had an eating disorder. "I just broke down. … You can't talk to people like that. If someone is anorexic, that's a serious disease," she says.

"I would never say if someone was losing their hair they had cancer. You can't say someone has a disease if they don't."

Asked straight out if she's anorexic, Richie says -
"Absolutely not. One-hundred percent not. I am not anorexic. I am not bulimic. I do not have a eating disorder."

Still, she says she is seeing a therapist weekly and recently hired a nutritionist to help her deal with stress and put on pounds.

"I just thought it was important to get the right team around me to make sure whatever I put in my body is helping me put on weight," she says, "and slowly but surely, I am doing so."

Looking at the pictures above it is evident Nicole Richie is now doing well at controlling her body size and weight.

Nicole Richie recently guest starred in the comedy TV show - Chuck.
Nicole Richie suggested that the martial arts she undertook for her role in the show helped her lose the baby weight - "In 'Chuck', I play a cheerleader who ends up in a huge girly fight with an old classmate. We had a week of intense training with a martial arts guy to get ready for this scene and I loved every minute of it. If I had any baby weight left, that definitely got rid of it."

Now the media can not suggest Nicole has an ED, is addicted to diet pills or whatever else they like to make up!!


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