Tuesday 2 December 2008

Nicole Richie's fashion inspirations

We all know Nicole Richie's fashion and style has bloomed over the years.

Nicole went from this ..

To this ..

With the help of inspiration & a stylist!

Cristobal Balenciaga

Cristobal Balenciaga, is the founder designer of the brand Balenciaga.
Balenciaga was first known for the cut of their designs. Cristobal had many fashion inovations such as the kimono sleeve coat, the balloon dress and the sack dress.
Cristobal Balenciaga's dress came with a disclaimer "No woman can make herself chic if she is not chic herself."
Nicole Richie is no stranger to Balenciaga's designs and has even stated how Balenciaga has inspired her to develop a maternity clothing line.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss, In addition to being known for her modelling work Kate Moss is an international style icon.
She has been given many awards for her style and is always in the top of the best dressed lists. Nicole Richie has been quouted as saying she admires Kate's style and has even been spotted wearing a dress called the poppy dress designed by Kate Moss for her TopShop collection.

Rachel Zoe
Rachel Zoe, has been a stylist to the stars for many years now.
She is well known within LA for her unique styling. Rachel published her first ever book late 2007 named, style A To Zoe.
Rachel is commonly known as the woman who transformed Nicole Richie from her years of bad style as a teenager to the modern fashionista she is today.
Rachel no longer works for Nicole as they fell out in 2006 the reason why - is not known.

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