Sunday 7 December 2008

Nicole Richie leaves Moscow

6th December 2008 - LAX Airport

Nicole Richie was spotted leaving LAX airport yesterday, after arriving home from her trip to Moscow.

Nicole wore a Chloe cardigan sweater, black leggings and black classic Uggs.
She completed the look with a pair of large sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith.

I must admitt i am NOT a fan of Uggs.
I know everyone 'raves' about their comfort but i just think they are Ugg-ly!
Perhaps it is because i am from Liverpool, as alot of the common girls wear Uggs - no matter the weather .. Hot or Cold!

Are you a fan of Uggs? Or do you think they are over played?

For me the same rule applies with Juicy Couture tracksuits .. they also are worn to much as a fashion statement.

Anyway .. back to Nicole!
I'm sure she was glad to be home to see her daughter Harlow and beau Joel Madden!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not really a tracksuit person, but I own one which is only ever worn either for light exorcise or if i'm having a lazy day around the house. I do love Ugg's and the various other similer boot's. I put this fact down the fact that I loath heels so always try to wear flat shoes as much as possible.