Thursday 25 September 2008

The paparazzi need to leave Nicole alone

24th September 2008
Van Nuys - California
Here is Nicole going to her weekly traffic school class.
Notice anything different ..

She drove herself to class and is obviously not wanting anyone to take pictures of her.
I think they should let Nicole finish her traffic school classes in private.

On a lighter note ..
Here is what Nicole has said recently on having more babies!

Could Harlow have a little brother or sister soon?"If it happens, it happens," Nicole Richie told Extra Monday.
She said she and Joel Madden are "just enjoying every day" raising eight-month-old daughter Harlow.
Look back on Nicole Richie's bump days."She is pulling herself up standing ... we don't have to burp her anymore," Richie said.
She's even beginning to form her first words."She says 'mama' and 'dada,'" Madden said. "She says 'dada' when she wants to play. Wants to laugh. And 'mama' is everything else.
When we walk into a place, she waves to everyone."
Richie said she doesn't try to insulate Harlow from fame.
"My priority is to make her unaware. She's eight months now. I can't put her in the infant seat and cover her. She'd definitely know something's going on ... she wants to experience life and, as a mother, that's important."


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