Thursday 28 August 2008

I could soon be the new Nicole Richie!!

You more than likely have heard about the American Paris Hilton BFF show & now she is coming over to the UK to look for a British best friend!

I have to admitt i am much more of a Richie fan than Hilton but it striked me as a great oppurtunity, i could possibly be the new Nicole Richie.

So i applied online and got a telephone the next day from the TV show's producers!!

I was told out of thousands of applicants only a select 300 are invited to audition & i am one of them lucky people.

I have my TV audition next week to become Paris's new BFF!!

Its so scary, to be honest i'm not sure if i will actually get on the show i can imagine they are looking for tall, glam girls and i'm small (5"2!) and i'm not always glam!! I'm certainly not the type of girl who carries her dog in her bag or is constantly fake-tanned but i know i can live Paris Hilton's life. The socialite life is made for me, i can shop till i drop & party all the time.

Anyways, wish me luck!!

Nicole Richie News
If you want to read about the Paris BFF show which is coming to the UK visit the website below


Anonymous said...

that's awesome. good luck, i hope you make it to the show!~

Anonymous said...

Aww cool. Good Luck!