Thursday 10 July 2008

Lily Allen channels her inner Nicole Richie

These latest candids of the lovely Lily Allen can't help but make me think of Nicole Richie.
It is just the whole package of the outfit it is so Nicole ..
Balenciaga bag - Check!
Colourful print maxi dress - Check!
Raybans - Check!
I love it.
To me Lily Allen is becoming such a great role model for young women, she is funny, down to earth and sucessful.
This is my favourite Lily Allen outfit by far - her style is becoming as amazing as Nicole's - may she soon be a fashion rival!?

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Anonymous said...

i didn't know much about lily allen, but then i watched a documentary of her on tv and she was soo down to earth and funny. She has the cutest laugh.

Since then i have really come to love her as a person and love the outfit choices she makes, regardless of how out-there they are!

Love all the summer colors shes wearing and the ray ban wayfarers too cool!!