Thursday 12 June 2008

Joel Madden wants Nicole Richie to "Find God"

This is according to the American tabloid the National Enquirer..

Joel Madden apparently will not marry Nicole Richie until she finds God.

The Good Charlotte rocker has been putting off marrying Nicole until she finally accepts God and agrees to a Christian upbring for their 5-month-old daughter daughter, Harlow.

"Joel is determined not to marry Nicole until she asks forgiveness for her sins and is willing to raise little Harlow with the same religious upbringing that he had," a source tells American tabloid the National Enquirer. "Joel may look like a rebel, but the truth is he is an old-fashioned conservative guy with hardcore Christian beliefs.

"The bible is a big part of his life - so much so that he has a tattoo of Jesus and a Sacred Heart on his arms.

"Joel went to church regularly as a kid and he believes that God has made him what he is today.

"He has seen all the problems that spoiled Hollywood children like Nicole encountered, and is determined to prevent Harlow from being the stereotypical Beverly Hills brat."

And Nicole, say insiders, is much happier as she attempts to break from her past of DUIs, rehab stints and drug arrests; and has already begun a spiritual transformation.

The source adds, "It looks like Nicole is on the way to fully embracing Joel's religious beliefs.

"She knows how great her life has become thanks to him."

Former Simple Life star Nicole, 26, has had trouble coping with the stress of motherhood, and "Joel thinks God will be the ultimate answer to her problems," adds the source. "As much as Joel loves Nicole, and is dedicated to being her rock, he feels like their marriage would never work unless they are on the same page with their religious beliefs.

"Bottom line, he wants a Christian family."

I think this is just a bit of gossip they are using to fill their magazine with, as we all know Nicole Richie believes in god and is a christian - hence the rosary bead tattoo on her ankle/foot.

The whole world knows Nicole Richie has really turned her life around, therefore Joel definetly knows she is past her crazy life ways & will bring Harlow up in the best way possible.

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Anonymous said...

this is not a bad thing at all. she should do that. it could only make her a better person

Anonymous said...

that's great to hear! i hope it's true.

Anonymous said...

This story is basically trying to attack and possibly mock Joel's belifes, he wouldn't want Harlow to be broight up exactly as he was because his upbringing was extream (he already plays her the kind of music that was banned in his house because of it's immoral content)If he felt this strongly about marrying Nicole, he wouldn't have been having sex with her in the first place. The Enquirer is just trying to make him look like a hyopcritical two faced fundamentalist christian, it's kind of downright rude.

! ngoc ♥ said...

i totally agree! a chrisitain family is a wonderful idea, especially out in hollywood and in the famous life.

Anonymous said...

i think joel has been such a great influence in her life. Ok they might not have waited until marriage to have a child,but they are committed too each other,and she is staying out of trouble and working as well as raising a child.

If christian influences were apart of her transformation,then i think it would be a great idea for nicole to embrace her partners beliefs.

Because at the end of the day she has been blessed with loving parents, friends, partner and a gorgeous child, and they're is someone to thank for all that.