Monday 16 June 2008

Joel Madden sets the record straight

Joel Madden has let everyone know that he will not be getting married anytime soon.
He wrote this message on his blog ..

"So i feel really stupid even posting this, but i've been getting calls and texts from my family all week asking me why they weren't invited to my wedding. I guess the only answer i could give them was that i didnt know we were having one. So i just found out that star magazine wrote some story about a 2 MILLION dollar wedding we are supposed to be having, and thats where it came from. Sooooo if you were pissed at me for not inviting you or even telling you, dont blame me, theres nothing to worry about. Its just star magazine. How long do you think it will be before they write we called it off, or we broke up? i give them a week or two...... "

To see the images Joel also posted with the message Click here! He has brought out the humour in the situation by adding those images.

But on a serious note, do you really think Joel should have to justify his personal life via his blog?
I think if Joel & Nicole wanted to get marry tomorrow and not tell anyone they should be able to!

It is a shame that magazine's feel they have to pry into people's life.

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