Wednesday 11 June 2008

Are you the next Nicole Richie?

According to EW.COM Nicole Richie .. is looking for a new Nicole Richie!!

Rumours suggest that Nicole Richie has been pitching a reality show that would scour the country for the next Nicole Richie!!

“According to one executive who’s heard the pitch, the unscripted show would take seven girls from across the U.S. and test their ability to achieve insta-fame.

Richie and a panel of judges would then whittle down the competition in preparation for the live finale, at which time the winner would be awarded her own reality show!

Word is at least three cable networks are interested in the pitch.”

Sounds interesting .. if it is true it is a pity that only US residents can apply :(

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Anonymous said...

hmm, im not sure i understand what the NEXT Nicole Ritches purpose would be lol.