Monday 26 May 2008

Would you buy it?

Hey all,

I've found this really cool website which allows me to make my own products such as clothing, mugs, bags, stickers, posters, calenders,mouse mats,wall clocks .. almost everything!

I was thinking about designing my own collection all with Nicole Richie images for example ..

I just made that really quickly so its just a preview.

They are all reasonably priced the T-Shirt is the most expensive item at around $21 - £12

I'd have to pay to set it all up so what i'd like to know is anyone interested in buying certain items related to Nicole Richie and what would you buy e.g. clothing etc.

Simply leave me a comment on this blog and if i get enough feedback then i will look into the costs and possibly set it all up!

Much Love,
Nicole Richie News

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

definitely go for the bag, its cool! not so sure about the calendar. maybe the tshirt if it had a better picture on it :)