Wednesday 9 April 2008

Goodcharlotte Liverpool gig!

I went to see Goodcharlotte play in the Carling academy - Liverpool
7th April 08

It was an amazing gig they are so good live.

I unfortunately did not get to meet them. :(

Joel spoke about Nicole and Harlow, i just wish i'd of got that on video.

He probably says this everynight when he plays in venues across Europe but he basically said how he thought English women where beautiful and he loves our accents but hes got a woman at home *everyone cheered - but there was a few boo's* so then Joel said so it will have to be a one night stand!

He then also spoke about Harlow, he said before he left he made a promise to her he would sing a song to her everynight and this is what he sang ..

This video isn't from the liverpool gig but its basically the same

Paris was also there that night a few people managed to see her climbing a fire escape into the cheap hotel they where staying in. This is what has been wrote in the media about that night ..
"She’s baack! Paris Hilton works the groupie look on her return to the UK to support her GoodCharlotte boyfriend Benji Madden.
Pampered hotel heiress Paris won’t have been impressed by the band’s accommodation, the modest-looking Lord Nelson hotel.
Unfortunately the Hilton Liverpool doesn’t open until later this year... "

"Paris Hilton apparently swapped her usual five-star lifestyle for a cheap B &B on a recent trip to Liverpool. The hotel heiress jetted in to see boyfriend Benji Madden, whose band Good Charlotte were playing a gig in the city, and surprised everyone when she ignored Liverpool's swanky hotels and checked into a low cost B &B, reports the Daily Mirror.

The party girl, who is known for her expensive tastes, reportedly booked a single room at the Lord Nelson Hotel, which cost just £45 a night.A source told the newspaper: "They arrived in a muddy Range Rover and had only booked a single room. We were shocked when we saw Paris walk through the door - you don't normally get Hollywood celebs coming here."Simple Life star Paris, 27, apparently kept a low profile while she was waiting for Benji, 29, to return.The source apparently went on: "She stayed in her room and her boyfriend met her later and they had a drink at the bar."When people started pestering her for an autograph, Benji told his security and they kept the blokes away."

Alot of other british media sites have been saying how its odd that Paris chose to stay in a cheap not very appealing B&B when Liverpool has so many stunning hotels on the waterfront but i think they stayed there because it was right next door to where the band played and its quite a walk over to the nicer hotels!

Much Love,
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Anonymous said...

GC always stay in cheap hotels they have never had enough money from their record compay to stay in anywhere decent on any tour. If they ever started to actually sell enough tickets to fill arenas they might move up the hotel ladder.

Anonymous said...

I was at the gig too seen paris and benji going into that hotel.
Good Show