Saturday 12 April 2008

Glamour rates Nicole Richie ...

25th Best dressed woman!According to the british magazine Nicole Richie is the 25th best dressed woman.
Last year Nicole Richie made it in at the 3rd best dressed woman.
That is quite a fall! But i still adore her fashion and style.

This is what Glamour magazine had to say about Nicole Richie's style this year:
"Shes the queen of big sunglasses. What i love is that so many people are styled to within an inch of their lives, whereas Nicole looks as if she's actually dressed herself."

Just infront of Nicole on the best dressed list was Beth Ditto. I am 100% positive most people would prefer Nicole's style over Beth's Ditto's!
Making it in at number 1 was Kate Moss and Rightly so. Nicole has once been quoted as saying Kate Moss was her style icon.
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