Monday 3 March 2008


I first started my fanbase in the year of 2006 over at
I then decided to expand and then came

This is a British run fansite for Nicole Richie. is expanding daily and fastly becoming one of the most popular blog sites around for Nicole Richie.

Nicole Richie herself follows on Twitter!
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I am in no way affiliated to Nicole Richie.
I do not claim any of these images to be my own and i give full credit to the sources i have recieved the images and news from. The images I have on my website are readily available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain, if you believe any content is in breach of your conditions, please email me with the content and I will remove it as soon as possible.
All opinions i express are in no way "fact" and i appreciate feedback and other people's views.
If you have any problems or queries please contact me first.


Anonymous said...

yay i love nicole

Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah!!! I Love Nicole!! Her style rocks! She is a true Bohemian lady! Nevermind the imposters. I'm glad for your nrichie news!

Anonymous said...

Your website is fantastic, you obviously work hard at it and the presentation, news updates are excellent.
You brighten up my day, ignore the haters! xxx

Anonymous said...

I read that you have gotten complaints about your site, but let me tell you i would die if you quit this site. nicole is also my idol and i visit your site everyday to hear the latest news and see the latest pictures to get inspired by her outfits. You do an amazing job with your website, keep it up!