Wednesday 26 March 2008

Nicole Richie out with a friend

Nicole Richie out in LA
25th March 2008

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Nicole Richie and Linzi (Billy from the band GoodCharlotte's wife) where spotted Tuesday afternoon heading over to Mo's fine food.
Nicole was wearing a pretty summer dress, gladiator style sandals (which i love!) & she was carrying her beloved Balenciaga bag.

I couldn't help but compare, Nicole Richie's legs look super skinny compared to Linzi's. I'm not criticizing before anyone thinks i'm speaking badly i think they both look great! I'm a bit odd, i tend to notice things like that, lol.

Much Love,
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Anonymous said...

The friend she is with is Billy Martin (GC Guitarist) wife. Her name is Lindzi

Anonymous said...

her name is actually Linzi, not Lindzi.

Anonymous said...

That is Billy Martin's wife,Linzi.They got married March 1