Saturday 22 March 2008

Nicole Richie dines with Mary-Kate Olsen

According to
Mary-Kate Olsen was seen dining with pals one being Nicole Richie.
Until we see pictures i doubt this is true, but for now its just a bit of fun gossip!
This is what had to say ..
They were at West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont.
There with a male friend (wearing a cast), the starlet smoked some cigarettes – but skipped the food. Richie, meanwhile, was eating: She ordered potato-crusted halibut and asked for a side of carrots and fries – and she gleefully ate chunks of food with her fingers totally unaware of her friends' reactions.
Orlando Bloom even made an appearance he dropped by the Olsen-Richie table, sharing a long hug with one of their blonde friends. The actor, clad in an army green jacket and jeans, didn't acknowledge Nicole Richie or Mary-Kate Olsen though.
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