Wednesday 10 February 2010

Nicole Richie loves her Tilly's

Nicole Richie has now been pictured twice wearing the 'Tilly' brogue shoes from her House of Harlow footwear collection. Click Here to pre-order your House of Harlow 1960 Tilly brogues.

You can also get the House of Harlow 'Tilly' shoe in Cream here.

The 'Tilly' shoe is due to ship mid April.


anonymous blogger said...

I love this shoe!

MRC said...


I'm plannig to pre-order the Winter Kate Ginger Cardigan in Willow, but I'm not really sure what size should I order as I'm a tall girl and I don't want it to look small. In the picture where noone wears it it seams a bit small :S I love that oversized look on nicole. What size do you think I should order? thank you in advance! love your site!

Anonymous said...

Office are doing very similar for 30 pounds! Love them!

jam said...

are those pics stretched? cause her legs look weirdly thin

Anonymous said...

too expensive. can't afford. surprise.

Anonymous said...

I always feel a little strange order (especially pre-ordering) something where the website doesn't have an official photo of the shoe but uses pap pics instead. Is the trend boutique trustworthy?


@mrc Unfortunately i dont know the lengths of the Winter Kate pieces, i would suggest emailing the customer services of a store which is selling WK. In my opinion, i think the jackets look oversized on Nicole because she is small and slim, therefore I think if you want to recreate an oversized look just buy one size up and it should drape creating a longer silhouette. Hope this helps :)

@jam the picture on the right was slightly stretched but the left image isn't, she just has slim legs! xo

@anon The Trend Boutique are very trustworthy, the reason there is no image at the moment is that the official image is not yet allowed to be displayed. I think the shoe images will be shown once Nicole has launched the collection at the forthcoming events.

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