Wednesday 11 February 2009

Nicole Richie wears: Nikka lace print dress

So i have just been doing by daily browsing and came across a dress by a designer named Nikka I instantly recognised the dress and remembered Nicole Richie had worn it a while ago.
Nicole was seen wearing the same grey print lace dress on the 23rd of April 2008 whilst attending traffic school ..

I was always unsure of this dress, as it wasnt a shaply dress therefore unflattering on the figure. Yet it does look good on the model pictured above.

You can purchase Nicole Richie's Nikka dress for £185 here!!
What do you think of Nicole Richie's Nikka dress?



Anonymous said...

is the models long at the back?
i do like it with a necklace tho!


yep the models is long at the back, if you go on the asos website you can see a backshot.
I think it just looks extra long on Nicole because shes small :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's now reduced.

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