Tuesday 2 December 2008

Nicole Richie - Ted Lapidus sunglasses

We all know how Nicole Richie loves her sunglasses.
Infact her oversized sunglasses is one thing almost everyone knows her for!

Since Nicole is a lover of sunglasses and we all love her sunglasses here is a post dedicated to Nicole Richie's oversized shades.

Nicole Richie loves her Ted Lapidus sunglasses they are noticeably large with gold hardware on the edges of the shades ..

Alot of the Ted Lapidus sunglasses Nicole Richie is pictured wearing are vintage and most likely expensive.

So here are two affordable Ted Lapidus inspired shades ..

You can purchase the shades pictured above from Bleu Dame

My favourite Ted Lapidus inspired sunglasses are by Von Zipper and they are named Alotta. you can purchase them here and here in numerous colours!


Anonymous said...

The third picture down is not ted lapidus, those are vintage christian dior.


thanks for letting me know. xo


that pic is now deleted.

Anonymous said...

These are soo hard to find! I've got my eye on a pink pair on http://www.love-worn.com but can't find a black pair...X

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