Sunday, 16 January 2011

Nicole Richie at the Art Of Elysium Heaven Gala 2011

Nicole Richie was working a short 20's inspired 'do at the Art Of Elysium (January 15th) in Los Angeles.
Nicole Richie wore a black fringed Pucci dress.
Do you love the look?
I think it is very original for Nicole, I like it!

The Art Of Elysium has a mission directed at the goal of seeking to enrich the lives of artists and critically ill children.

Img source - gossip center and Kelly Sawyer' Twitter.


Janie said...

OH NO! NICOLE! :( UGH...she always has impecable taste! This is a no.

Sara said...

Yikes! Well at least its the first time in a LONG time shes made a fashion boo boo. I'm sure it wont happen again.

roadtofashion said...

oh i don't like it :(

Anonymous said...

I like the dress and the hair do, just not on her. the dress just doesnt lay right on her body. The hair doesnt suit her face. Good thing she's a pretty lady cause all in all thats what shines through the fashion mishaps.

Anonymous said...

I like the hair and dress but I think with such a dark dress she should have went lighter on the eye makeup but used a brighter lipstick. And why does she keep wearing dresses with a ruffle over the tummy? The purple dress was the same. Not insinuating that she's preggers again but she's been to the gym a lot; she should flaunt that figure!

Anonymous said...

Who is the girl in the third picture? (sitting next to nicole)


It's Nicole's friend Kelly Sawyer. The picture is from

Nini said...

wearing her hair with a centerpart is not the best choice in this case... it makes look her head too round. Nicole has worn similar waves with a side parting and it looke much better.

Frenchy Barbie said...

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Anonymous said...

I really have to say, this doesnt really look like her. She kinda looks like shes on drugs or something :(

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