Thursday 7 October 2010

SPOTTED: Nicole & Harlow out 'n About

Nicole Richie was spotted with her daughter Harlow out in Los Angeles earlier this week.
Nicole Richie was wearing a black and white striped top, with a black beanie hat. She added a touch of LA in cut of denim shorts and Havaianas.
It's great to see new candid's of the Richie-Madden girls out and about!


Img Source - x17online.


Anonymous said...

They look great, loving Nicole's style...BUT! she has gained weight or isn't she pregg again? That's what I thought seeing the first pic...Anyway, they're really cute :)

Anonymous said...

In this photos Nicole looks pregnant:)

Anonymous said...

shes def gained weight back cause her body n face dont look skeletal anymore.

marikaeveliina said...

I have to agree with previous comments. She looks great: fresh and naturally beautiful but she has gained weight. And that's not a bad thing. SHE LOOKS GREAT! possibly third baby on the way? I kinda don't believe it though...


I don't think she's pregnant, I think it's just the camera angle. She does look great and she is in great shape! xo

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