Thursday 24 June 2010

Gold Winter Kate sequined dress at The Trend Boutique!

Exciting news!
The Trend Boutique has got the fabulous gold sequined Winter Kate dress as worn by Nicole Richie on New Years Eve in Las Vegas available for pre-order!


Possibly my favourite piece from Winter Kate.



Anonymous said...

Too Expensive!

olyvia said...

i don't like it

Anonymous said...

seriously gutted at how expensive this is!

Anonymous said...

All of the Winter Kate stuff that is just being made available for pre order is incredibly over priced. So much for 'affordable'. Disappointing. The garments aren't even high quality, you could buy See By Chole and Marc by Marc Jacobs for these prices and they would be incredibly well made/perfect fits/amazing material.

An other anonymous said...

Anonymous 15:29 : yes, and for the same price you could even have Dior (seriously).

But, I think that it worth it because it's made in Canada (not in China).


Totally agree with another anon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Winter Kate is made in India, House of Harlow is made in China, their business is only based out of Canada. Even if it was made there, the US and Canada have a free trade agreement.

For the price of that dress, every sequin better have been sewn by hand. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my Winter Kate is 'Made In India'. I think the prices need to come down.

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