Saturday, 15 August 2009

Nicole Richie Wears: Hermes 'Cage d'H' necklace

In early 2008 after the birth of her daughter Harlow, Nicole Richie was spotted wearing a cube shaped 'H' pendant necklace. This 'cage d'H' necklace is by Hermes.
Nicole Richie spoke to People magazine about her cute Hermes Harlow tribute necklace..
“Joel gave me a really great vintage Hermes “H” that is a gold and white block on a gold rope.”


Anonymous said...

really, when did she say that?
Do you have a link for the article?
Who knew Joel knew how to shop vintage? Lol


Yep you can see the quote here ..
I only post genuine quotes :)

Its a pretty necklace! xo

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